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2017 Rice Fest

Mahalo to everyone for making our first pop-up event at the 2017 Rice Fest a success!

The 8th Annual Rice Fest was a crazy event. With approximately 5,000 people attending during a 6 hour period, you could barely walk through the crowd. But our Cookies By The C team came through and worked very hard not only during the event, but all the hours put in to prepare for the event.

The cookies, sprinkles, and cutters were a big hit. We made rice-themed cookies that included a rice bowl with furikake sprinkles, spam musubi, maki sushi, rice balls with nori and ume. All the cookies we offered can all be made at home with our cookie cutters.

We would like to give a big Mahalo to Meadow Gold Hawaii for donating POG, milk, and TruMoo. The products were sold by students of the Kamehameha Math Club, Rush Soccer Club, and MCAA Court Kings Basketball Club to raise funds for their travels next year.

We would also like to thank April from Prelly Cookies for stopping by and trying out our cookies and taking home some of our cookies cutters. We can’t wait to see how she decorates her cookies.

Mahalo to Ed at VH07H for getting us involved with Rice Fest and making it a great event.

See you at the next show!
Cookies By The C


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